Recycle Your Phones

… into Jobs, Education, and Mentoring for Underprivileged Youth!

Every used phone you recycle with Radiance helps provide jobs, education, and mentoring for young men and women who deserve the chance to overcome their circumstances.  And it’s easy!  Just mail in your phone and we’ll take care of the rest.

Increase your Impact!

  • Start a phone drive for your charity, school, team, or club.  Not only will you raise funds for your organization, you’ll increase your impact by helping provide more jobs, education, and mentoring for underprivileged youth.  Contact us at for more information.
  • Become an Activist! Click here for more information on the four ways you can get involved in the Radiance Revolution.
  • Encourage your friends to recycle their used cell phones. The more phones we can recycle, the more jobs, education, and mentoring we can provide for underprivileged youth.  Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social media site.