Become an Activist

Join The Revolution in one of four ways:

On-The-Job Activist

Radiance Metals provides more than just jobs: our commitment is to invest in our employees’ long-term success by providing education, life skills training, and mentoring.  For this reason, priority is given to underprivileged young men and women who are committed to growing in this industry.  Contact us at to apply for one of the following positions:  Sales, Customer Service, Warehouse, IT, Marketing.

Company Activist

Get your company to transform lives through our Hire-Education Challenge!  By hiring and educating at least one underprivileged young man or woman, your organization helps transform not only his or her life, but also the lives of their mentors: men and women who step up and realize their potential to turn an “ordinary” job into something extraordinary.  Contact us at to find out more information about how you can become a Company Activist.

Mentor Activist

Make a difference in a young person’s life, right in your own community!  Volunteer with one of our partner organizations, who work with disadvantaged youth in communities throughout the nation. Contact us at for more information about how you can become a Mentor Activist.

Phone Activist

Send us your used cell phones and become a Phone Activist today!  We’ll recycle your phone – not only is this great for the environment, it helps us provide more jobs, education, and mentoring for underprivileged youth.   You can even double the impact of your favorite charity/organization by hosting a phone drive: every used cell phone you collect to be recycled by Radiance Metals helps raise funds for your charity/organization while also furthering our vision to hire and educate young men and women who simply need a chance to shine.  Contact us at for more information about how you can become a Phone Activist or click here to mail in used phones.

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